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We take eating healthy to the next level – guaranteed to satisfy discerning palates

A healthy alternative that combines the real benefits of functional foods – where menus and diabetic friendly recipes are designed to promote a healthy immunity, play a critical role in preventing illness and keep diseases at bay. In support of your healthy lifestyle, we provide the highest quality foods with precision nutrition that meet with your daily dietary requirements. So leave all the hassle and effort in meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking to us, your perfect partner for a healthy meal plan made easy.

Ivory Kitchen is your One-Stop-Gourmet Party Solution with appealing party food items freshly made with intense cultural flavours. Prepared with ingredients of the highest quality, simply delicious, healthy and designed to suit all budgets.

We cater to all private and business functions from parties in your home, office, school/college/university campus and sport clubs. In addition, our delivery service extends to hotel room service, provide special meal options for hospitals, special care facilities and even airline inflight meals. We welcome bulk orders for the best value.

Inspired by research-based synergistic ingredients of functional foods, Ivory Kitchen’s experienced chef and in-house nutritionist have designed diabetic friendly and heart health appropriate menus.

Ivory Kitchen delivers delicious nutritional meals that are big on flavour and health focused in every bite, GUARANTEED!

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