About us

We are a team of passionate health conscious entrepreneurs who share united visions of an online food delivery platform for customers who are health conscious with a purpose. We provide high quality pre-cooked meals that are much more than simply healthy, nutritious and delicious – we go the extra mile so you can reap the health benefits of functional foods that are incorporated into your meal plan. This combined with the desire for everything anti-aging we understand that as human beings we hope for longevity but also a quality of life. As such, we have created Diabetic Friendly recipes that provide ultimate health benefits beyond its known nutritional value. We are your one-stop-health provider of delicious ready-to-eat meals gingerly packaged and delivered to your door – and this is what the creators of Ivory Kitchen is all about.

Located at Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Ivory Kitchen is a growing company with plans to provide a wider spectrum of healthier, fresher and nutritious food service like no other on the market. Led by our experienced International chef together with our in-house nutritionist, we take pride in what we do and ensure that every recipe created is in the best health interest of our consumers. Our ultimate intention is to incorporate the benefits of Functional Foods in our specially designed healthy recipes, with an emphas Functional Foods is on quality, taste and deliciousness.