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Functional Food

Functional foods are foods that you probably eat every day and is regarded as functional if it demonstrates to benefit one or more functions in the body beyond its traditional nutritional benefits. Functional Foods contain ingredients/additives that serve a vital role in promoting a multi-facet of health benefits and here are some general improvements you can expect to experience when included in a regular diabetic friendly dietary plan.

  • Improved energy levels, speeds up metabolism and feel less lethargic
  • Less irritable moods, feel less emotional and have better focus
  • Healthier skin with improvements in skin irritations and inflamed skin
  • Improved gut health, inflammation and overall digestive function
  • Prevention of diseases and keeps illnesses and some types of cancer at bay
  • A natural way to manage existing medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune diseases
  • Aids weight loss and weight management

Start a healthy lifestyle regimen with functional food added recipes in your Meal Plan today!

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What is Functional Food?

  • What is Functional Food?
  • How to benefit from Functional Food?
  • Why do we need Functional Food?
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