Our Mission

Our goal is to inspire and support those who place their health as top priority- to be healthy and strong enough to defend themselves against illness and diseases and wish to adopt a lifestyle that incorporates healthy dietary habits. We package all the goodness required in your meal so you can sit back, relax and re-discover how convenient, ready-to-eat meals can be so delicious and good for you and your family.

Ivory Kitchen is the first in the Brisbane and Gold Coast Region to combine functional foods in its cooking for health promoting benefits in addition to their nutritional value. What makes us different is that our ready-to-eat meals are not only healthy and nutritious but 100% fresh, diabetic friendly authentic and big on taste and that is our promise to you!

Functional foods can do double duty – they provide you with the fuel you need for daily living and can help protect your heart, bones, digestive tract, and other parts of your body from disease. Most of them are foods that you already know are good for you but may not know how best to incorporate them in your diet and that is something we can take care for you. Add some functional foods to your meal plan today!